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TEPOLSoftS - Technology-Enhanced, http://uncensored-cartoon.tumblr.com/ Performance-Oriented Learning Software Solutions. 

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TEPOLSoftS Ltd. works in the field of  computer technologies. Our primary task is the development of software solutions, which can help our clients do their work better. We are client-oriented and our solutions could be intra- or internet developments (developed in JSP and Servlets, C# ASP.NET, Silverlight or PHP), but also stand-alone applications written in Java, C#, C/C++ and even Mac OS X Cocoa (Objective-C). We have big experience in the development of Learning Software Solutions, and that's our click here main target. Please read our "What do we do?" and "Until now" sections for more details.


Mihail Milev is the director and key developer in TEPOLSoftS Ltd. He is keen on software development in several programming languages – Java (Micro, Standard and Enterprise Editions), C/C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript. His primary interests in the software development are learning and training systems and he takes the most part of the programming and designing when it comes to such developments. He also works as a System Administrator, which envolves maintanence of web and database servers, as well as maintanence of different Unix services, stability control and security auditing.  Hardware support, setup of different hardware and network solutions are key knowledge he has developed in his work. In his experience he has worked with different platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, platforms for virtualization like VMWare, milf porn Qemu and Parallels.


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