TEPOLSoftS Ltd. - What do we do?

As of December 2012, nice top asian porn girls gallery TEPOLSoftS Ltd. offers consulting and assessments in the field of ISO15504 for the territory of Bulgaria. More information about ISO15504 can be found in the dedicated page at our website - ISO15504. Assessment mexican teen porn watch here and consulting can be done either in-house, or online, depending on the preferences of the client.

Our next main task is the development of performance-centered learning systems, which can be used in high-level education, as well as in corporate training practices. Nowadays technologies take a big part in our life, but still very few organisations use them as a main tool for education. The solutions developed by TEPOLSoftS Ltd. offer interactive, easy to use, modern way for  training. A specially developed methodology and personalized approach make our systems highly productive and cost-effective.  Developers working at TEPOLSoftS Ltd. are with long experience in software development and server administration. http://the-hottest-lesbian.tumblr.com/ They have worked on several projects financed by the European Commission. 

We are also specialized in mobile web development. Smartphones, personal data cartoon porn xxx assistants, tablets and other mobile internet devices are a major part of our day and offer almost full personal computer functionalities. But for their portable sizes and minimalist way for device-user interaction, normal web sites, applications and web developments are unable to work on them. Our developers have worked together with some of the biggest mobile consortiums and have learned to develop the perfect combination between small size and full functionality. We are also capable of re-optimization of existing systems for mobile devices. 

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