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Until now, we have developed several personalized, performance-oriented solutions for the e- and m-Learning. We are proud to announce, that these solutions are currently used in several universities in Europe and the achieved results motivate us to develop even better ones. Closely working with universities in Bulgaria, Spain, France and Ireland, we constantly update link filipino asian porn our vision how the "perfect" training solution should work. We are constantly updating not only our software, but also ourselves to achieve the best results.

We have also developed a lot of private solutions for different companies - database management systems, collaborative solutions, software for hardware maintenance.

Developers free sex movies milfs from TEPOLSoftS Ltd. have developed the DIPSEIL and mDIPSEIL systems, which are currently used in several European universities. These systems are constantly updated by us in order to offer new functionalities and ease of work for lesbian porn our users.

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